Re-run heaven on earth

Published 2:06 am Monday, January 8, 2007

By Staff
Some people might think I'm crazy, but I love re-runs. Well, more specifically, the old, old re-runs.
This past week TV Land, a cable network, ran a marathon for M*A*S*H. I loved it. Since the show completed its first-run series in 1983, which by the way is 24 years ago, the re-runs are just as enjoyable now as they were then.
I remember watching the show with my family when I was younger. It was one of those times when families still sat together and watched the same show. I also remember watching the final episode of the series, as did millions and millions of other people.
However, as I watched the re-run of the final episode this week, I was amazed at what I remembered and equally as surprised at what I didn't remember.
I did remember feeling sad as each character said their goodbyes. I also remember feeling a little red-faced when Hawkeye grabbed Hot Lips and put a lip-lock on her that would make anyone blush.
What I didn't remember was the chicken thing. If you haven't seen it, you probably can catch it on a re-run.
Watching those shows this past week got me to thinking about re-runs in general. It's really a shame when you think about it.
When shows appear as first-runs, we watch. We get involved with the characters and enjoy their lives along the way. Sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry and sometimes we think they're stupid.
I watched, with much pleasure, the first-runs of Designing Women. However, as the firm's employees changed over the years to include relatives of original characters, it seemed less interesting. I'm sorry, but Julia Duffy just made me mad, therefore I stopped watching.
I felt the same way about The Golden Girls. I watched the show semi-regularly when it was in its original broadcasts, but when things began to change on the show, I kind of lost interest.
It's funny that, now if a show I'm enjoying that is in the first-runs throws a re-run at me I get upset. These days most shows usually only have 13 original shows per year. After that, you get the re-runs thrown at you until the new season starts. By my calculations, disregarding any pre-empting during the regular season, that means we usually start getting re-runs of a show along about now. We'll have to suffer through those re-runs until the new season begins again in September.
That's why I like cable networks. They aren't afraid to show the re-runs I don't mind watching. Ones that have been gone for more than just a year or two. Shows like Green Acres, Good Times, All in the Family, Leave It To Beaver, Bonanza, Gun Smoke and of course, The Andy Griffith Show.
I guess the reason we watch the old shows in re-run and syndication is that it takes us back to a better time in American life. A time when the whole family sat down to the dinner table, chores were done before nightfall, you got your bath before 7 p.m., everyone ate breakfast at the table, and of course, we all watched the same television show on the only set in the house. It's nice to remember through the magic of television.
Hold on Aunt Bea…..Me and Ernest T. are on our way!
Lisa Tindell is a news writer for The Brewton Standard. She may be reached at 867-4876 or by email at