Letter to the editor: We need equal opportunity

Published 2:58 am Monday, January 15, 2007

By Staff
The holidays are over and we are somewhat getting back into the swing of things starting with the new year. There is still something that troubles this small town, and that is minority representation. After graduating college and traveling extensively and moving back to Brewton, I can't help but to notice how small minority representation is in this town.
Let's start with the banks in this town. I bank with a bank here in Brewton that has three different locations and a staff of more than 40 people among the three branches, and I saw only one black employee. That is terrible in 2007. Come on, people, this is not 1950 anymore. If people are doing business with your company, you could at least employ their kind. Isn't American money green and not black?
The banks aren't the only ones guilty of exclusion. If you were to visit the major businesses in this town and go to personnel, payroll or the credit union you will see just what I'm talking about. The black residents here in Brewton contribute to the local economy as well as support in some way many of the businesses, so representation should be equal.
Some might raise the question of education, but I know several people that I have graduated high school with, never went to any college or have a degree in anything; nevertheless, they get a good paying job in this town. Also, I've seen on numerous occasions new faces at some of these jobs and none are minorities. Why? Ask yourself, is this fair? Is this equal opportunity?
I really don't blame black people for crossing state lines to make major purchases such as vehicles. How many black salespeople do you see at these new local car dealerships as opposed to the ones in Pensacola or Mobile? Sure, we cut grass, wash cars, clean houses and do all of the dirty work, but the office jobs for us are far-fetched. Young minorities put God first, get educated and get involved with your community. Don't settle for jobs that have no dignity.
Jacob O'Neal
Brewton resident

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