Letter to the editor: Writer excited to visit

Published 3:30 am Wednesday, January 17, 2007

By Staff
I just wanted to pass a quick note on to you before the big weekend. I am very excited about coming back to Brewton. It is wonderful that so many people in Brewton participated in the blitz build and many of those people &#8220Got It”. The dollars generated from this fund raising weekend may just be a small portion of what takes place. We never know what person will &#8220Get It” and whose life will be touched because they cross our paths. We never know how many lives will change because we spread the word of our mission.
I want to tell you about a Habitat moment I had recently. We had a dinner in Lynchburg to celebrate the fact that we had finished our 250th home. The dinner was attended by volunteers, home owners, staff, donors and trades people. As one of the speakers finished, a woman stood up and said, &#8220I want to thank everyone and let them know that I am homeowner No. 31 and my house is now paid for.” She continued to say, &#8220I am very grateful because having this home has made it possible for me to raise 15 foster children in my home.” Everyone in the room got a little misty eyed and cheered at the same time. You just never know how many lives will be changed because of your efforts with Habitat.
With that said, we need to make sure we spread the word about these events during the last couple of days and get those tickets sold. Coaxing will be enough for some people. Some people might require begging. There might be a few we have to drag. Whatever we do, we need to bring as many people to the table as possible. The reality is that once people eat and drink at the Habitat table, many of them &#8220Get It” and you just never know how many lives will be changed.
I will see everyone in a couple of days.
Tom Gerdy
Coach, Habitat Hammers

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