Thumbs up for new kindergarten

Published 3:22 am Wednesday, January 17, 2007

By By Kerry Whipple Bean – publisher
Kindergarten teacher Dana McKenzie had to stop and think Tuesday morning about where she put the crayons.
But you can't blame her - she had only been in her new classroom at the Brewton Elementary kindergarten annex for two days.
Those newly renovated classrooms - with bright white walls and floors and primary colored cubbies - made for cheerful teachers and students even on a dreary morning.
Their desks take up only half of the classroom, with the rest of the space open for other learning areas, or &#8220centers” as the kindergarten teachers call them - space for small group activities.
Renovation work on the kindergarten annex began last summer with the hope that teachers would be in their new classrooms by the start of the school year.
But with construction delays, the project continued through the first semester.
Kindergarten classes were split between the annex and the main elementary school across the street.
McKenzie's classroom was located at the main school. &#8220It's nice to be with the other kindergarten classes,” McKenzie said.
Assistant Superintendent Baxter Baker said teachers were like children on Christmas morning when they were finally able to get into their new classrooms late last week. Students had their first day in the new rooms Tuesday.
Across the hall from McKenzie's class, Maureen Bush's kindergartners were dancing to alphabet songs - &#8220getting their wiggle out,” Bush said. Their classroom was bright and cheerful as well, with large windows to let in light and colorful activity centers throughout the room.
Other renovations in the building include a large meeting room, where the city school board held its first meeting Monday night.
With so much renovation on that side of the building, the administrative offices might need a little sprucing up.
But Baker said he doesn't mind the dated look.

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