Letter to the editor: Help fight landfill project

Published 3:52 am Monday, January 22, 2007

By Staff
It has come to my attention that an outside developer has targeted our area as a great place to put a 1,500-acre garbage dump. I am outraged that several people in our area have agreed to represent the developer against the wishes of the majority of residents.
The dump would be located along Alabama 41 in Conecuh County, just a few miles north of the regional landfill in Escambia County.
I have learned through bitter first-hand experience that even when those who operate landfills intend to be good stewards, the contaminants do spill into the surrounding streams and onto the land around them.
This proposed dump would be more than 10 times the size of the existing landfill. Haven't we done our part already? We can be responsible for our own trash, and other states should, too. I am insulted that our beautiful area has become thought of as a national trash can. And it will be for many decades to come if this landfill is built.
Our state agencies are underfunded and under-manned. To think we would be protected is foolish. This landfill would threaten a pristine watershed and foul Big Escambia Creek. This is an issue that is unfolding in Conecuh County, but make no mistake, Escambia will suffer. Our county will have to take whatever comes with no avenue of compensation even if we were the kind of people who would be sold another bill of goods.
The increased truck traffic on our roadways with refuse scattering in the wind is a nightmare image to me, one that could be a reality if people don't stand firm and speak loudly against this.
I urge Escambia residents to join the citizens' group formed to fight this indecent proposal and work to defeat it. Our children deserve better. Our counties deserve better, and our region deserves better.
Kathy McMillan
Brewton resident

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