Letter to the editor: Landfill issue addressed

Published 4:21 am Wednesday, January 24, 2007

By Staff
I feel compelled to write this letter concerning an alarming development in a neighboring county that can have long-term negative consequences for our community.
Recent reports show an out-of-state development group wants to build a mega-landfill in Conecuh County that could potentially serve many states.
This is not the kind of industry our region needs. We already have one regional landfill. As our part of the state is desperately trying to improve our economics and attract clean, beneficial industry, a developing reputation as the garbage dump of the world cannot help us. Like it or not, Escambia County is tied to its neighbors. What is good for us is good for them and likewise, what is bad for them will hurt us.
The land is along Alabama 41 and runs right up to Big Escambia Creek. One of our shining achievements is Turtle Point Environmental Science Center. Damage to the creek is unavoidable if a landfill is built on the site, and damage to the creek means we all will suffer.
Trucks hauling other people's garbage will beat a path through our county to get to this dump. If you want to know how that will affect Brewton, take a whiff the next time you drive toward the regional landfill we have already been putting up with for more than a decade.
We all want economic opportunity for our children and a clean environment.
Another landfill in our neighborhood will mean neither of the above can happen.
Keep our region clean! Hang a green ribbon to show support for the Citizens for a Clean Southwest Alabama. I for one want to show the developers we care, and we will not be bought. My children's future is not for sale.
Bentley Martin
Brewton resident

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