Our Opinion: Conecuh landfill fight just beginning

Published 4:20 am Wednesday, January 24, 2007

By Staff
The county commission in Conecuh County has voted no to a proposed landfill just south of Repton, but the fight against the project is likely just beginning.
At least that's the assumption under which a grassroots group is operating - and the group is hoping to expand its fight against the landfill to include residents in Escambia and Monroe counties as well.
It would be easy for most of us to take a &#8220not in my backyard” approach to the issue. The project would be located in a different county. No jobs would be created, and the only financial benefit would go to Conecuh County.
But commissioners there have apparently decided no financial benefit is enough to offset the damage such a landfill can do.
But this project could have more of an impact on Escambia County than we realize, and it shoudn't pass the smell test - pardon the pun - for any of us in southwest Alabama.
The Florida developers who are working on the project have not given many details, but apparently some of the garbage could come from outside the state. There is no reason for our communities here in Alabama to put up with refuse from other states.
Environmentally, the landfill could wreak havoc on our community if you consider the runoff that could reach our community and others through creeks and rivers.
We'd like to think the project won't go forward just because local officials and local residents are against it, but no matter what, developers and anti-landfill activists have quite a fight on their hands. And we hope the local folks win - because if they don't want it, they shouldn't have to put up with it.