Letter to the editor: Habitat group offers thanks

Published 4:45 am Monday, January 29, 2007

By Staff
We should have written this thank you letter immediately so it could have been in Wednesday's paper. However, we were basking in the glow of a very successful weekend. We had such wonderful community support for the Blue Jeans Ball on Friday night and the Harlem Ambassadors basketball game on Saturday night. The gymnasium was packed with people of all ages from all walks of life sharing a moment of joy together. This fundraiser didn't feel like work; it felt like a weekend of celebration!
From the first moment we began publicizing this event we were met with enthusiasm. Some businesses provided sponsorship as well as players who were up to the challenge of playing against the Ambassadors. Other businesses agreed to be ticket outlets. One business helped us feed all the basketball players after the game. Yet another business provided us with a location for the Blue Jeans Ball. Newspapers and radio stations assisted us with publicity.
The participation wasn't limited only to local businesses. The public schools got into the act too. They provided some very talented players for the Habitat team. Utilizing the free game tickets donated by a local charitable foundation each school also planned special events and rewarded students who had excelled in some way. Both high schools helped us coordinate plans for our &#8220team coach,” a nationally recognized Habitat volunteer, to speak to their students. Additionally, the Chamber's Youth Leadership class agreed to be part of the planning and production team; they cheerfully took on any task we needed them to complete. Finally, the YMCA helped find our &#8220team” some times to practice.
Putting on any event for the first time is always a little nerve-wracking, but we had the talents of some very special people working diligently behind the scenes to make this weekend a reality. Bentley Martin coordinated the Blue Jeans Ball; Susan Miller coordinated the food for the Ball. Steve Layton designed the T-shirts. Last, but not least, Molly Ruzic secured corporate sponsors and served as committee chairman. The Habitat Board and this community are fortunate to have volunteers like these who are committed to serving others. We offer them our sincere appreciation. We also thank each of you for buying a Blue Jeans Ball ticket or for coming to see the game. It wouldn't have been the same without you!
Yours in Christ,
The Habitat for Humanity Board of Directors

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