Trying to thwart thieves

Published 4:34 am Monday, January 29, 2007

By By Lisa Tindell – news writer
Brewton Police are looking for shoplifters, not for hire, but to put in jail.
Earlier this week, Brewton Police responded to a call from employees at Pic-N-Sav grocery store regarding an allegedly brazen shoplifter.
Kelvin Williams of Brewton was arrested after he turned himself in to Brewton Police for the misdemeanor crime. He was charged with theft in the third degree for the theft of approximately $100 worth of grocery items.
Although the theft was unusual in that the offender pushed an entire buggy of groceries out of the store in broad daylight, shoplifting in the Brewton area is no uncommon.
Brewton Police do their part in helping to keep shoplifting to a minimum for business owners around the city.
Keeping shoplifters at bay is a difficult chore that has to be undertaken every day, officials said.
Many merchants have taken measures to help curtail shoplifting in their stores. Shoplifters may not be aware of the some of the precautions being taken by area merchants.
Shoplifting takes on many forms with some items removed from the store in what may seem unconventional to the common shoplifter.
Shoplifting is a crime and, depending on the value of the items taken, could be considered a felony or a misdemeanor.
Some merchants choose not to prosecute shoplifters of small items; however, that is not the case with every business manager.

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