Other opinions: Here's hoping for a surprise

Published 5:15 am Wednesday, January 31, 2007

By Staff
People we're already tired of hearing about: Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Edwards, John McCain, Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney.
It's not even late 2007 - much less early 2008 – and the presidential race is already in full swing. It is so ludicrous a schedule that Nevada will hold presidential debates at the end of next month followed by New Hampshire during the first week of April.
By the time the primary season rolls around - which is Jan. 14, 2008, in Iowa - we will be sick and tired of all six of the &#8220leading” candidates.
What we hope to see is another Bill Clinton. Sixteen years ago, the then Arkansas governor was nothing more than an &#8220also running,” if he got that much ink or air play. Then, somewhere along the way, he shot to the forefront of the pack and eventually pulled a stunner of a victory to defeat an incumbent president.
We're not focused on political ideology right now. If we are going to be forced to watch this spectacle for this long, we hope the main players are just a warm-up act to the eventual nominees.
In an ideal world, the extended debate that accompanies this early of a start to the presidential political season would mean more depth and greater ideas. In reality, it will mean nothing more than additional tired rhetoric and record-breaking amounts of cash.
So, yes, we want another Bill. We want one of the &#8220also runnings” out there to come forward and offer something new, something fresh, something alternative to what we're about to be barraged with for nearly two years.
So here's to all the starry-eyed Republicans and Democrats currently being eclipsed by the &#8220front-runners.” We hope they make us proud.
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