Recycling in spotlight

Published 5:58 am Wednesday, February 7, 2007

By By Lisa Tindell
news writer

A group of young Brewton residents don't plan to fight city hall, they plan to convince them.
Four students have taken on the project to have a recycling program re-established in Brewton and their work is not going unnoticed.
After Allied Waste abandoned a recycling program in Brewton citing financial constraints, some students had a difficult time understanding why such an important program would be stopped.
The idea of starting recycling again was first approached by one Brewton Elementary student with other students quickly taking up the cause as well.
Anna Catherine was then joined by project teammates, Kelsey Clayton and Madalyn Weaver, all fourth-grade students at Brewton Elementary.
Clayton said she took on the cause because she believes recycling is something everyone should care about.
Fred Grice, a seventh-grade student at Brewton Middle School heard about their project and wanted in on the action as well.
Grice is so enthusiastic about his part in re-establishing recycling that he has even designed a new user-friendy bin just for the project.
A petition is currently being circulated around town, at both schools and on-line Lucas said.
The students involved in the project are fourth and fifth grade students. Age of the students made it unrealistic to conduct a door-to-door survey.
Each of the team members will be speaking to individual classes to help gather more names on the petitions.
The group will present the petition, along with a demonstration, to the Brewton City Council at next week's scheduled meeting.
Grice said although there is a magic number of signatures they hope to collect, getting as many as possible is important.
The recycling team has conducted research on recycling possibilities and found another small town that has had some success with a program.
Anyone interested in signing the petition may do so at Brewton Elementary School, Brewton Middle School, Book &Bean, and online at

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