Students seek chance to recycle

Published 6:08 am Wednesday, February 7, 2007

By Staff
They can't yet vote, but a group of Brewton children are trying to get their voices heard before the Brewton City Council.
The students have come up with a petition to try to bring back a recycling program for the city. They have planned a visit to the council meeting next week to try to convince council members to find funds for a new program.
The city had to abandon its recycling program last year when Allied Waste said the program was too costly and did not have enough participants.
But with these young people taking the time and effort to present their case, it seems perhaps what Brewton needs is a better education program for adults on the importance of recycling.
Just last week scientists announced that global warming is a dire problem for our plant - and a mostly manmade problem.
Getting young people to understand the importance of recycling is one thing - getting their parents to follow through now is another.
But without any sort of recycling program, we can't do our part to help the environment.
These students have taken the right path toward change - they've created a petition on their own, and they've planned a respectful visit to the city council.
We owe it to them to try to bring back that recycling program - not only to pay them back for their hard work now, but also to help them - and our planet - in the future.

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