Bush's war is explanation for backlash

Published 6:56 am Wednesday, February 14, 2007

By Staff
There has been a lot of Sunday morning quarterbacking among political pundits at to the reasons behind the national Democratic tidal wave that hit Washington in November's mid-term Congressional elections. The most obvious explanation is the backlash against George Bush's war in Iraq.
However in conjunction with the tragic blunder in loss of American lives is the staggering cost of the ill fated war. Experts have detected a huge abandonment by libertarian and economic conservative voters from the Republican ranks due to the cavalier deficit encumbered by the Republican Congress and President Bush. The gigantic U.S. budget debt created under the Bush administration is devastating and is a travesty which may be passed on to future generations. It also weakens us significantly in the world economy. It has made us a debtor nation and vulnerable to the Chinese and Saudi Arabians. Many American voters believe that government, like families, should live within their means.
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It is often said, especially in the halls of Congress, that one man's wasteful pork project is another man's critically important infrastructure need. This view and practice will not quickly disappear because most voters expect their Senator to bring home the bacon and Richard Shelby could care less what people in New York or California say about his pork largesse for Alabama. All he cares about is what Alabama voters say about him.

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