Cook's Corner: Fancy meal tips revealed

Published 6:40 am Wednesday, February 14, 2007

By Staff
With today being Valentine's Day, I can only hope that a fancy, candle-lit meal will be prepared and on the table when I arrive home today. Only thing is, fancy to one person isn't necessarily fancy to someone else.
Fancy to me usually means linen napkins, silver forks and spoons, a pretty china plate and a linen tablecloth, a quiet atmosphere and maybe even a candle or two burning somewhere in the room. What food is on the plate is not as important as the atmosphere or the company you're in.
Now mind you I don't want a Happy Meal or a chicken wing on the plate, but a green vegetable and a baked chicken breast with some sort of sauce poured over it would probably be a good start.
I'm not hard to please. Any effort to surprise me or show me you've put some thought into something for my pleasure is pretty much all I need.
If you've got to plan a meal for your sweetheart tonight, the recipes you'll find here will give you a good start. These dishes would be pleasing to just about any palate and will certainly show that you've put forth some effort for your loved one's pleasure.
This recipe does call for half a cup of white wine. If you don't use wine in your recipes, there are some substitutions you could use. The results, of course, won't be the same, but pretty close.
Instead of the wine you could use a non-alcoholic wine, found in the juice aisle at the grocery store. Other substitutions include ginger ale or chicken stock. You could even dilute some white wine vinegar (one part vinegar to one part water) to make a suitable substitution.
Wine Sauce Chicken
6 boneless chicken breast halves, cooked and cut into bite-sized pieces
2 tbsp. butter
2 cups saut

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