Sewer lagoon safe

Published 7:14 am Monday, February 19, 2007

By By Lisa Tindell – news writer
The City of Brewton is working to find a remedy for problems at the High Street sewer lagoon.
With a combined 34 permit violations issued to the city over the past 17 months, the Alabama Department of Environmental Management is focusing on national pollutant discharge system problems.
Brewton officials are looking at possible ways to solve the problems currently faced by the wastewater treatment system referred to as the old sewer lagoon. In an effort to find a solution, CD&G Engineers have completed a 20-year student at the request of city officials and have some ideas on how best to approach a solution.
The problems cited in the violations pointed out by ADEM involve an increase in standards of wastewater treatment.
Currently, the system is equipped to handle 1.5 million gallons of wastewater per day. Madden said when you factor in heavy rainfall and overflows, that number of gallons can be passed quickly.
Money is always an issue when refurbishing or building new facilities such as a wastewater treatment system is needed, Madden said.
CD&G engineers have made two proposals concerning the amount of money it would take to bring the system into compliance.
The group proposed two options to meet needs for future wastewater treatment facilities.
Stevens also stated that after four years, an additional $135,000 annually would be needed to fund the operating costs. The first option would see an increase of just under $5.
In the presentation of a second option, engineers determined an increase of a little more than $12 in sewer rates would be necessary to make the financial adjustments.
Sewer renovations have been completed in areas around the city including Martin Luther King Drive, Sowell Road and Belleville Avenue, Madden said.