It's ‘the big one,' Elizabeth

Published 8:09 am Monday, February 26, 2007

By Staff
Whew, what a month! Readers of this paper probably are only somewhat aware of how hard a job putting together a newspaper can be.
We provide you with information that is of interest to the general community. There have been a lot of interesting stories that we have put before you in recent weeks. It is our job, and our privilege, to do that for you.
What makes it a little difficult at times is when everything happens at once. A fire on one end of the town and a vehicle accident on the other make for some difficult scheduling; especially when they both happen at the same time.
It's difficult to cover a story at the courthouse that goes on longer than you expected. The courts don't seem to be concerned that I have to be at the middle school to take pictures of a group of award-winning students in five minutes. It is sometimes a difficult decision to make about which event to cover when you only have a couple of people in the office to cover all of the news.
These past few weeks have been extra busy and on Wednesday morning, you will see why. The annual Progress edition of The Brewton Standard will hit driveways, mailboxes and newsstands first thing Wednesday morning and will be filled with some very interesting information.
The theme for this year's big edition is &#8220Then and Now.” Coming up with a theme took about week all by itself. The work began more than a month ago and will come to an end when you hold all those pages in your hand on Wednesday.
Kerry, Lydia, Bruce and myself have all had assigned stories to bring to you that keep with the theme of the project. That, at times, has been difficult.
With breaking news, meetings, conferences and schools creating new assignments daily for us, it has been a scheduling challenge to get the story, get the background and get the right people in line to talk with about our subjects.
When you see the edition, I hope you'll take the time to read each story from beginning to end. The pages you will hold on Wednesday represent hours of discussions, picture taking and research. Research was just as big a part of the edition as discussion, since were incorporated the &#8220then” portion of the theme.
We have talked with many people to complete our edition. Young and old, business people and the common man - all of them have a part in this special annual edition.
I have been amazed at some of the information that was made available to me during the preparation process of this monstrous edition.
Amazed is the only word I can use to describe the workings of T.R. Miller Mill Company - one of my assigned stories. Sandy Hardy graciously showed me around the many acres that the company encompasses and explained each part of the process that brings a tree from the woods all the way to being on the side of someone's home or holding up the telephone lines. The finely tuned precision between man and machine was utterly fascinating to watch. T.R. Miller Mill Company should be proud of their employees, and after talking with the company's president. Danny White, I am confident they are proud.
I certainly hope you appreciate the effort that was put into the making of Progress 2007. It was at least a challenge, and at most, an exciting experience.
If you read a story about someone you know, offer him or her a little praise for being featured in Progress. They sacrificed their time to help us make it all possible for you - the reader.
Lisa Tindell is a news writer for The Brewton Standard. She can be reached at 867-4876 or by email at

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