Letter to the editor:Problems evoke emotions

Published 8:11 am Monday, February 26, 2007

By Staff
Lately I've noticed a problem we not only have in our nation, but we also in our schools.
We live in a land where there is freedom of religion. America is the greatest place to live.
I have been pastoring for the last five years. I started out as a youth pastor and spent nine months doing this. I am currently at the third church in my ministry, four if you count the youth ministering.
Recently there have been two problems that have come out of our schools. I have had two different families that I have given pastoral advice to.
The most recent was a young teen, whom I will not name. The teen was recently told, by a teacher, that she smelled. First and foremost, if the young teen smelled, maybe the teacher, whom I choose not to name, should have handled this differently.
There have been many times someone that smelled sat in my congregation, but I preached him the word because I had a job to do. That job was to win him to Christ. This teacher's job was to teach this young teen a lesson, maybe math or English.
The next problem we've had is when another child came to us and was told he could not tell others about Christ.
May I remind you, we have freedom of religion. It's a choice. You choose to or not to accept Christ. If we raise our children to see a need for Christ, then they will go into these schools and love others. They will treat others, as they want to be treated.
I want to share a truth with you: God's word will stand. It's not a myth. We, as the pastors and churches in this community need to pray together, work together and believe. God will begin a work and let people realize He is real.
If we want the students to grow up to become good citizens, teach them about God's love.
Remember, every knee will bow and every tongue confess He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Why don't we honor Him in and out of our homes, schools and jobs - wherever we go and whatever we do?
Pastor Michael Cosey
Victory Community Fellowship Church