Letter to the editor: Citizens of the Year deserve award

Published 8:38 am Wednesday, February 28, 2007

By Staff
Susan Krehbiel is one of the most naturally altruistic people one could ever come across.  She pursues righteousness without regard for reward, and always seems to give with a smile, never begrudgingly.  Be it for her family, her church, or her community-the only ambitions she has are those that will give a greater reward to those around her; indeed, I cannot think of a single time she's ever acted solely for self-gain.
The breadth of her kindness is immeasurable.  She is always willing to ease the burden of another and never tires in walking the extra mile.  But she is no pushover-her kindness never comes at the sacrifice of truth.  Her intuition, self-honesty, and veracious love of God have deeply rooted the wisdom of her understanding.  Even greater, her compassionate humility is so pure she would never tell you these things herself; indeed, she'd probably deny them.  But, then again, there's no need to claim something one already owns.
Her humility is such that when she talks to you, you feel like the only person in the room.  Her wit is sharp and her laugh infectious.  Her smile will literally make you happy.  There's not a person alive who walks away from a conversation with Susan without feeling better about something in their life.  My view may seem biased, but I wouldn't write these things if they were not true.  I have exaggerated nothing.  I truly believe that if the angels themselves ever have looked for inspiration among man, you can bet they've taken more than a glance in the direction of Susan Krehbiel.
Denise Alverson is equally worthy of the honor.  To say she is a good person is a drastic understatement.  She is a beautiful person whose outward radiance is outshined only by the pureness of her heart.  She found more joy in helping with the planning of the ceremony for Susan than she did upon being surprised with her own plaque and the realization that she too was being honored.  Yet, her genuinely selfless attitude of giving is trumped by the joyful resiliency of her spirit.  The brightness of her smile is unwavering, unaffected by the burdens of any day.  One would think she hasn't had a bad day in all her life, but such is surely born from strength of character, not by lack of challenges.  With her sharp wit, expansive sense of humor, and extroverted happiness she brightens the company of any room.  She too is worthy of more praise than can be fit in this column of type, and more honor than can be bestowed by a plaque.
I'm exceedingly grateful to the Chamber for honoring Susan and Denise.    We can all rest assured in knowing that these two people do what they do not for the sake of any reward; it is who they are.  We're sure lucky to have them.
Ty Krehbiel
For the driver education and safety programs at W.S. Neal and Flomaton high Schools, I extend my utmost appreciation to Mr. Donnie Beckham and the staff of Grady Automotive in Brewton for their support of our driver education students.
Mr. Beckham initiated the effort in providing our driver education program with the use of a new 2007 Chevrolet Impala. It is a beautiful vehicle and is equipped with the latest technology that will enhance the safety and driving experience of our student drivers.
Our schools are most fortunate to be part of a community whose stakeholders support and value the education of our children. Again, thank you Mr. Beckham and Grady Automotive for your generous contribution to our local schools and students.
Robert &#8220Buck” Quarles
Drivers' Education instructor
W.S. Neal and Flomaton High Schools
The family, friends of Elder Tommy America, as well as church members of the St. Paul Church of God, would like to thank each and everyone for everything they did during the benefit program that was held Saturday, Feb. 3 at the Flomaton High School Gym.
Your kind deeds and generosity will never be forgotten by my family. Whether you gave money, food, merchandise, or your time, we say thank you. The love that has been shown during my illness has been overwhelming and I am grateful and thankful. Continue to pray for my speedy recovery and strength. And again, I thank God for each and every kind act and encouraging word that has been done on behalf of me and my family.
A special thanks to the Escambia County Sheriff's Office, Brewton Fire and Police Departments, Flomaton High School, Pepsi-Cola Company, David's Catfish, J&R Music and Church Supplies, Atmore Elite All Star Cheerleaders, Expose/All Star Dance and Step Team, Sylvia Massage Therapist, the members of the Saint Paul AFM Church of God and the Escambia Reserve Deputies Association.
Elder Tommy America
St. Paul Church of God pastor

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