Our Opinion: Vision, breath brings life to community

Published 8:37 am Wednesday, February 28, 2007

By Staff
Bringing life to a community is, at times, a difficult task. However, the vision of Joe Gordy could handle just such an undertaking.
While the Sowell Street area has seen hard times and the decaying of homes along the street, a new breath is about to be breathed into the once bustling neighborhood.
As some travelers along St. Nicholas Avenue may have noticed in recent months, many of the dilapidated homes have been bulldozed away, leaving good, clean earth opened up for new possibilities.
Gordy has put a development plan into action that will revive the street with a series of cottages reminiscent of by-gone years.
With folks coming into, or at least through, Brewton along the route from U.S. Hwy. 41, Gordy felt freshly built and maintained cottages along the area would be a benefit to those who choose to live on the street as well as to Brewton as a whole.
Many adults in the area may recall time spent at O'Bannon Park, which is situated at the end of Sowell Street. Times of swimming, barbecues and other outdoor fun have all but vanished due to conditions along the street.
We can hope that this progress is just one more sign that Brewton is experiencing growth - in community and in pride.
Gordy said he is excited about the project. We are excited too.
We applaud the forward-looking attitudes of people like Joe Gordy and others who have shown they have pride and hope for their communities.
We applaud those who work to make sure that Brewton is remembered by those who visit her - either for a day or for a lifetime.

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