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Published 8:36 am Wednesday, February 28, 2007

By Staff
When our staff planned this year's Progress edition, we wanted to focus on how things have changed in our community over the years.
Most of our stories took off on that theme - Now and Then.
But even as we collected stories and photos from the past, we realized how much our past and present affects our community's future.
Consider our front-page feature today on the Sowell Street neighborhood. An area that was once alive with the sounds of children playing could become an active neighborhood once again as Joe Gordy plans a cottage development for the site.
Throughout our Progress edition, you'll find stories about people, places and businesses that have stood the test of time in our community and continue to thrive and look forward to growth.
You'll read about T.R. Miller Mill's history and plans for the future. You'll learn about how much the real estate market has grown and how Hines Realty is making plans for a new housing development of its own.
You'll read about new advances in teaching strategies and also take a look at how some area children are looking to their own futures.
Our Progress edition is about the past and the present, but it is also about the future. We believe that future is bright, as we look forward to growth in so many areas.
We hope you enjoy reading our Progress: Then and Now section today, although it may take a little longer to read than the average Brewton Standard edition.
Save it for the next few days or for the next few months, and savor the stories of our community.
Kerry Whipple Bean is publisher of The Brewton Standard. She can be reached at 867-4876 or by e-mail at kerry.bean@brewtonstandard.com.

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