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Published 9:03 am Monday, March 5, 2007

By Staff
This morning we have awakened to find that the massive storms, which crossed Alabama Thursday, were no dream. They were real. They were powerful. And, for at least seven Alabama residents, they were deadly.
This morning we offer our deepest thoughts and most heart-felt prayers to the families and friends of the fallen and wish for a speedy recovery for those who are left behind to clean up.
It is hard to imagine the grief and outright despair those families are going through this morning; hoping to rewind the clock just 24 hours before their son or daughter went to school or before their loved one went to work.
Today the true clean up and rebuilding begins. Support from communities and governmental agencies from around the country will set their sights on South Alabama, where many fatalities occurred. And, knowing the Lake Martin area, a large amount of support will be offered from us.
We are truly thankful these devastating storms spared the Lake Martin community, but there will come a time when they will not.
We must remain vigilant in our preparations for such disasters and listen closely to what emergency management officials tell us to do.
It is tragedies like this that remind us life is precious and often fleeting. Today we mourn, but we must also help rebuild.
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