Our Opinion: Landfill move still puzzling

Published 10:24 am Wednesday, March 14, 2007

By Staff
Alabama Department of Environmental Management officials say that waste dumped at a landfill near Brewton is not hazardous, despite concerns from residents as well as city and county officials.
But while the material from Olin Corp.'s Macintosh facility may not meet toxic levels, that news does nothing to explain why the material was dumped at a landfill near our community. Residents near the landfill - many of whom opposed it when it was first developed - at least had the comfort that the waste dumped there was of the household variety. Apparently that's not true anymore.
If the waste was so safe, why were the people of Macintosh were so concerned about it that it was dumped in another community?
We hope city and county officials will keep a close eye on what is sent to the landfill from now on.