Finally, some action for TRM tennis teams

Published 12:39 pm Monday, April 2, 2007

It took 26 days later than originally scheduled, but the T.R. Miller High School tennis team finally has some matches under its belt.
The Tigers downed a shorthanded Opp team 3-1 Tuesday in their opener. T.R. Miller was edged 5-4 at Greenville Thursday, but rebounded with a 6-3 win over Greenville at the T.R. Miller courts Friday.
The Lady Tigers got off to a rough start, as they dropped their first three matches. T.R. Miller opened with a 9-0 loss to Opp Tuesday. The Lady Tigers dropped a pair of matches to Greenville with an 8-1 road setback Thursday and a 7-2 decision at home Friday.
T.R. Miller's next match is Tuesday when it hosts Andalusia at 3:30 p.m.
Greenville at T.R. Miller
1. Stephen Neal (TRM) def. Poole (G) 8-3
2. Karl Kast (TRM) def. Rice (G) 8-5
3. Marshall Bracken (TRM) def. Young (G) 8-4
4. Harris (G) def. Drew Lambert (TRM) 8-5
5. Chase Crosby (TRM) def. Foster (G) 8-6
6. Derek McNamara (TRM) def. Duke (G) 8-6
1. Poole and Harris (G) def. Neal and Bracken (TRM) 8-6
2. Young and Rice (G) def. Kast and Roy Brown (TRM) 8-6
3. Nick Moore and Brian Oliver (TRM) def. Foster and Duke (G) 8-6
1. Kara Smith (TRM) def. Rice (G) 8-4
2. Ashley (G) def. Michelle Lewis (TRM) 9-7
3. Pouncey (G) def. Nikki Chambers (TRM) 8-6
4. Rachel Quick (TRM) def. Victoria (G) 8-4
5. Poole (G) def. Jamie Li (TRM) 8-1
6. Murphy-White (G) def. Kayla Grey (TRM) 8-4
1. Rice and Ashley (G) def. Smith and Lewis (TRM) 8-4
2. Pouncey and Victoria (G) def. Chambers and Quick (TRM) 8-6
3. Poole and Murphy-White (G) def. Andrea Alvarado and Magan Oliver (TRM) 8-4
T.R. Miller at Greenville
1. Poole (G) def. Stephen Neal (G) 10-7
2. Karl Kast (TRM) def. Rice (G) 12-10
3. Young (G) def. Marshall Bracken (TRM) 10-6
4. Drew Lambert (TRM) def. Harris (G) 10-8
5. Foster (G) def. Roy Brown (TRM) 10-5
6. Derek McNamara (TRM) def. Duke (G) 10-5
1. Neal and Bracken (TRM) def. Poole and Harris (G) 10-5
2. Young and Rice (G) def. Kast and Lambert (TRM) 10-2
3. Foster and Duke (G) def. Nick Moore and Brian Oliver (TRM) 10-2
1. Rice (G) def. Kara Smith (TRM) 10-3
2. Oakley (G) def. Lewis (TRM) 10-5
3. Nikki Chambers (TRM) def. Pouncey (G) 11-10
4. Victoria (G) def. Rachel Quick (TRM) 10-8
5. Poole (G) def. Kayla Grey (TRM) 10-1
6. Murphy-White (G) def. Magan Oliver (TRM) 10-3
1. Oakley and Rice (G) def. Smith and Lewis (TRM) 10-7
2. Victoria and Pouncey (G) def. Chambers and Quick (TRM) 10-6
3. Murphy-White-Poole (G) def. Grey and Oliver (TRM) 10-2
T.R. Miller vs. Opp
1. Stephen Neal (TRM) def. Neiko Lane (O) 10-7
2. Karl Kast (TRM) def. Jonathan Oakley (O) 10-4
3. Marshall Bracken (TRM) def. Nick Johnson (O) 10-2
1. Oakley and Lane (O) def. Kast and Drew Lambert (TRM) 10-8
1. Molly Gooden (O) def. Kara Smith (TRM) 10-0
2. Jana Prescott (O)
def. Michelle Lewis (TRM) 10-0
3. Ashley Hall (O) def. Nikki Chambers (TRM) 10-0
4. Molly Johnson (O) def. Reonte Powell (TRM) 10-0
5. Chelsey Jones (O) def. Rachel Quick (TRM) 10-0
6. Ashley Williams (O) def. Kayla Gray (TRM) 10-4
1. Gooden and Prescott (O) def. Smith and Lewis (TRM) 10-0
2. As. Hall and Johnson (O) def. Chambers and Powell (TRM) 10-0
3. Alana Hall and Meredith Brogden (O) def. Quick and Gray (TRM) 10-4

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