If freshmen can play, shouldn't they be counted

Published 12:38 pm Monday, April 2, 2007

As the Alabama High School Athletic Association gets ready to go through another reclassification process, it brings up several debates.
Should freshmen be counted towards a school's enrollment? The AHSAA's official count includes seniors, juniors, sophomores and carryover freshmen, but does not include all freshmen.
T.R. Miller football coach/athletic director Jamie Riggs favors keeping the current process in place.
Should the state reclassify every year instead of every two years?
Riggs also said reclassifying every year would be tough.
Hathcock added reclassification every year could be feasible for other sports.
While Riggs prefers reclassification every two years, he does see some necessity towards doing it every year.
one or two schools that consolidate every year and if that consolidation occurs the second year of the reclassification period, it can really cause a mess within a region,” said Riggs. &#8220Not only are there consolidations, sometimes there are new school that form like a couple of years ago when Tuscaloosa started two new schools. There are also schools that cross over from the Alabama Independent School Association although the state pretty much makes those schools wait until the start of a reclassification period before they admit them.”
Should the state announce its reclassification in the fall or the spring? The AHSAA traditionally made its reclassification announcement in the spring, but waited until late fall the last time.
Riggs is highly in favor of a spring announcement.

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