Letter to the editor

Published 12:59 pm Wednesday, April 4, 2007

By Staff
Garbage dump effects area residents
I hear that very soon, Conecuh Woods Garbage Dump will make application to the Conecuh County Commission. When this happens, the Conecuh County Commission will be faced with making the most important decision in the history of Conecuh County and in my opinion the State of Alabama. I ask all readers to please take the time to research this issue. And, if you come to the same conclusion as me, no dump please, politely make your opposition known to the Conecuh County Commission at P.O. Box 347, Evergreen, AL 36401. You don't have to be from Conecuh County to make your opposition known, this will not affect just Conecuh County. Please do not delay. When making my decision, besides technical research, these are some questions, I asked myself.
What is my family's health worth? What is the health of our community's great-grandchildren worth?
What will this mean for Conecuh, Monroe and Escambia counties and the State of Alabama as a whole? There are already over 200 dumps in Alabama with the largest toxic waste dump in North America just a two-hour drive from here in Emelle. Will &#8220Alabama the Beautiful” fast become &#8220Alabama the Dump”?
What about those downstream from Escambia Creek (Escambia County, Fla., and into Pensacola, Fla.) and the underground aquifers?
Why is it necessary for Conecuh Woods to build one of the largest dumps in the U.S.? Is this a big red flag for the future?
Why is it so important for this garbage dump to have railroad access? Another big red flag?
Why do we need to be the dumping place for garbage coming from other states including New York state? Another big red flag?
It's rumored that Conecuh Woods garbage dump is offering money for education, paving roads in Conecuh County and building a 3,000 acre lake.  Why are they willing to spend such an absurd amount of money!  Is the return on just household garbage that great or will this dump house other things? Big Red Flag?
If we accept their money, will we have money or will money have us?
Will this dump turn into something so horrific that we cannot even begin to conceive of what that might be?
Do we want to be a science project?
I am a public official, what is my re-election bid worth?
What is eternity worth?
What would Jesus do?
Remember some of these old sayings?
If you don't have your Health, you don't have anything.”
Terri Carter
Mayor, Town of Repton

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