Tough outings for TRM tennis boys, girls against Andalusia, Milton

Published 1:33 pm Monday, April 9, 2007

Not only does the upcoming sectional road take the T.R. Miller tennis teams to Andalusia, the road to the sectional crown may very well go through Andalusia.
The visiting Bulldogs won a possible sectional championship match preview Tuesday with a 7-2 win at the T.R. Miller courts. The Tigers (2-3) dropped below the .500 mark for the season Thursday when they lost a 5-2 decision at Milton, Fla.
T.R. Miller's girls remained winless on the season, as the Lady Tigers (0-5) lost a 9-0 decision to Andalusia and a 7-0 margin to Milton.
T.R. Miller's next action is a rescheduled match at Opp on Tuesday at 4:30 p.m.
Andalusia at T.R. Miller
1. Tyler (A) def. Stephen Neal (TRM) 8-4
2. Karl Kast (TRM) def. Neal (A) 9-7
3. Patel (A) def. Drew Lambert (TRM) 8-3
4. Boyington (A) def. Chase Crosby (TRM) 8-1
5. Darby (A) def. Derek McNamara (TRM) 8-5
6. Todd Robinson (TRM) def. Ricardy (A) 8-6
1. Tyler and Neal (A) def. Neal and Lambert (TRM) 8-6
2. Patel and Darby (A) def. Kast and Crosby (TRM) 8-5
3. Boyington and Ricardy (A) def. Nick Moore and Brian Oliver (TRM) 8-4
1. Barlow (A) def. Kara Smith (TRM) 8-0
2. Fagerstrom (A) def. Michelle Lewis (TRM) 8-0
3. Kelley (A) def. Nikki Chambers (TRM) 8-0
4. Patterson (A) def. Powell (TRM) 8-1
5. Johnson (A) def. Rachel Quick (TRM) 8-2
6. West (A) def. Jamie Li (TRM) 8-2
1. Barlow and Fagerstrom (A) def. Smith and Lewis (TRM) 8-0
2. Kelley and Patterson (A) def. Powell and Chambers (TRM) 8-5
3. Johnson and Alverson (A) def. Kayla Gray and Magan Oliver (TRM) 8-0
T.R. Miller at Milton
1. Jai Gupta (M) def. Stephen Neal (TRM) 6-2
2. Jake Holland (M) def. Karl Kast (TRM) 6-4
3. Drew Lambert (TRM) def. Kyle Baker (M) 7-5
4. Edward Altergott (M) def. Chase Crosby (TRM) 6-2
5. Roy Brown (TRM) def. Austin Owens (M) 7-6 (10-6)
1. Gupta and Holland (M) def. Derek McNamara and Brian Oliver (TRM) 6-0
2. Baker and Altergott (M) def. Allen Rigby and Brandon Nelson (TRM) 6-2
1. Lauren Bailey (M) def. Kara Smith (TRM) 6-3
2. Ashley Blackman (M) def. Nikki Chambers 6-1
3. Tanya Cronin (M) def. Reonte Powell (TRM) 6-0
4. Casey Whiting (M) def. Jamie Li (TRM) 6-0
5. Claire Bradbury (M) def. Catherine Reeves (TRM) 6-4
1. Bailey and Blackman (M) def. Rachel Quick and Magan Oliver (TRM) 6-0
Cronin and Whiting (M) def. Andrea Alvarado and Kayla Gray (TRM) 6-1

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