Remember the Holocaust

Published 2:13 pm Monday, April 16, 2007

By Staff
Beginning in March 1942, a wave of mass murder swept across Europe. During the next 11 months 4,500,000 human beings were eliminated. By the end of World War II the toll had risen to approximately 6,000,000 Jews, which included 1,500,000 children, who perished at the hands of the Nazi murderers.
It seems hard to believe, especially today, that the atrocity of the Holocaust actually happened. There are stories, upon stories written by survivors and others who were involved in this horrible time in history. Contrary to what some people may believe, this event did occur.
There have been some who have refuted the stories of the holocaust and said that it did not happen. I'll admit, it may not have happened just as everyone remembers. But if you've ever been around an accident scene or witnessed a traumatic event, there are some facts that you remember clearly and others that the human mind distorts to help save sanity.
To imagine that a million and a half children were killed boggles my mind. To imagine that four and a half million adults were killed boggles my mind as well. To know that they lost their lives simply because they were Jews sickens me beyond imagination.
If you take a look at your calendar, it may note that today is Holocaust Remembrance Day. If you are not a Jew, you probably didn't even know there was such a day. I wasn't aware of it myself until just this week.
I have a friend who had family that survived the Holocaust all those years ago. She tells stories of her mother's survival and deaths of those who were captured into that horrible scene.
I feel blessed that none of my ancestors were involved in that event - either as a victim or as one of the evildoers.
There is a Web site that offers stories from survivors that gives details on the horrors they suffered during that time. If you can get through any of those stories without shedding a tear, or at the very least, getting a little nauseated, then your probably don't have a heart.
If you have an opportunity, try to find a copy of the movie &#8220Shindler's List.” Pay attention to the details in the movie and I guarantee you will be moved.
On this day of remembrance for those who suffered and died and for those who lived through the Holocaust, count your blessings.
You and I live in a time and place that allows us the comfort of going to bed at night without fear of being yanked from our beds by an army of men under the direction of a sadistic leader. We don't worry that our children will be killed because they are considered &#8220useless food eaters” by a group of sick people.
Remember those who lost their lives simply for being who they were as you go through your day today. Hug those you love. And even if you think that America is full of crazy people and an even crazier government, remember to thank God that you still live in a land of freedom.
Lisa Tindell is a news writer for The Brewton Standard. She can be reached at 867-4876 or by email at

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