Dixon denies charge

Published 2:34 pm Wednesday, April 18, 2007

By By Kerry Whipple Bean – publisher
An Escambia County man on trial for attempted murder told a jury Tuesday that he shot into the air, not at two men in their trucks, during a May 14, 2005, incident at a local gas station.
Roger Anthony Dixon is charged with attempted murder and shooting into an occupied vehicle. He allegedly shot into the trucks of David Jackson and Brad Cary while all three men were at Maxwell's Quick Mart.
The incident followed a series of incidents between Jackson and Dixon, including several police reports filed by Dixon and another incident in which Dixon fired into Jackson's house. Dixon pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge in that case.
Under questioning by his attorney, John Jernigan, Dixon said he could not have driven his truck on May 14 in the manner that the prosecution suggested, and that if he had been aiming at Jackson and Cary from the distance they said he was, he would have hit them.
Dixon testified that he was drunk May 14, having consumed at least a dozen beers, 10 or 12 whiskey shooters and a Xanax. He told the jury he felt threatened by David Jackson and Cary - who he thought was another man - so he fired three or four shots in the air, then accidentally hit a gas pump as he drove off.
Dixon told the jury he threw his gun in the river and went home.
The prosecution maintains that Dixon shot into the vehicles. Dixon was allegedly having an affair with Jackson's wife, sparking the series of disturbances between the two men.
Dixon testified that he had feared for his life during the May 14 incident and that he had felt threatened by Jackson at other times, including an incident in which Jackson allegedly told Dixon &#8220he was going to get him,” according to a police report.
Billy suggested that Dixon used the police reports on the smaller incidents as a way to &#8220lay the groundwork” for the shooting.
But Dixon also testified that he did not see Jackson or Cary with any weapons on the night of the shooting.
Billy asked why, if Dixon again felt threatened, had Dixon not filed a police report on the night of the shooting - especially since he had filed police reports on other incidents involving Jackson.
Dixon's testimony will continue today at the Escambia County Courthouse.

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