WSN, TRM using different ways to pay ejection fines

Published 3:53 pm Wednesday, April 25, 2007

W.S. Neal and T.R. Miller High Schools are handling the Alabama High School Athletic Association's new fine system for player and coach ejections in different ways.
The state implemented the fine system of $300 for the first offense, $500 and a one-game suspension for the second offense and a $750 fine and suspension for the remainder of the year for the third offense.
W.S. Neal is paying its player fines out of the athletic budget for that respective sport. Coaches are responsible for paying their fines for their ejections.
So far this year, W.S. Neal has dished out $600 in fines for one player ejection (football) and one coach ejection (baseball).
T.R. Miller has paid $300 in fines this school year for one player ejection (baseball). The school has not had any coaching ejections since the rule was adopted.
T.R. Miller has adopted a policy that holds an athlete responsible for paying the fine for an ejection.
Riggs said there could be one exception to the player paying his fine.
Riggs said T.R. Miller has actually not adopted a policy on how fines are to be paid for coach ejections.
Riggs said the fine system is a necessary evil.
Hathcock said some sports
are easier to get ejected than others.

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