Our Opinion: City right to ban golf carts on sidewalks

Published 4:56 pm Monday, May 7, 2007

By Staff
We've all seen them zipping down sidewalks and streets in our community lately - golf carts usually carrying laughing children with windblown hair on a joy ride or just trying to get from one place to another more quickly.
Problem is, those little joy rides are illegal, according to state law. Golf carts are not allowed on sidewalks, and most likely not allowed on city streets either, although the language of the law is not exactly clear.
And last week the Brewton City Council decided to make sure that law is enforced.
No one is trying to take anyone's fun away, but golf carts - especially when young children are involved - can be dangerous on city streets that larger vehicles use to travel.
And golf carts are certainly dangerous on sidewalks, which should be reserved for pedestrians.
City council members asked the police department to make sure that the law is enforced - not necessarily by arresting everyone they see on a golf cart, but by sending the drivers home where they will be safe.
Their decision might have made some people unhappy, but the fact is, council members had no choice but to obey state law.
The city will seek an attorney general's opinion on whether golf carts can be on city streets, but for now folks should keep them on private property or on the golf course.
And that's exactly where they belong.

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