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Published 4:57 pm Monday, May 7, 2007

By Staff
Thank you
I would just like to thank the following people for the successful bike ride for Greg Tucker. I want to thank Joey and Kay Luttrell, JoJo and Kay Luttrell, Craig Harrison and members of the Brewton Fire Department for their hard work.
The following businesses donated items to be used in the silent auction: Southern Pine, Wal-Mart, Farmers Exchange, Escambia Vault and Monument, Southern Family Market, Pearson Archery, Marvin's, Auto Zone, O'Reilly Auto Parts, Kenny's Motorsports, Citation Corporation, Cannon's Carpet, Odom's Bar and all others who made this day a success.
Lawrence Weaver
Brewton fire chief
Apology for slavery not needed from Alabama
A state-issued apology for slavery? Absurd.
Besides the obvious fact that there is not one single Alabamian alive that has ever been a slave, nor a single Alabamian who has owned a slave, the apology is a stepping stone for reparations, regardless of what the last line of the proposed apology says.
Another problem with the official apology is the simple fact that the Southern children are constantly taught to be apologetic and ashamed of their heritage, flags, symbols and institutions, things previous generations were taught to revere. The Southern youth are being taught that it is practically a crime to show pride in their Southern blood and to identify themselves as part of the South.
The only issue of slavery that needs to be addressed is the fact they were all slaves to the federal government.
Caleb Whorton
Alabama League of the South

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