Gehman joins radiology department

Published 5:12 pm Wednesday, May 9, 2007

By By Kathy McGill- Radiology Manager, D.W. McMillan Hospital
The radiology department at D.W. McMillan Memorial Hospital welcomes Ron Gehman as its first registered nurse. Ron is no stranger to the hospital having worked for 15 years in the intensive care department.
The addition of an RN within the department sounds like a new idea. However, the American Radiological Nurses Association began in 1981. According the ARNA, the role of the RNs within the radiology department came about as a result of the advancing technologies in radiology and the need for specialized care. The advanced technologies require more of the technologist's time, leaving little time for the patient care aspect.
The role of the radiology nurse requires a high level of knowledge, expertise and independence considering the wide variety of patients with diverse needs and about whom information may be limited. They serve as patient advocates and liaisons between the patient and radiologist. They go from one patient to another throughout the day, assessing and monitoring, documenting, providing education and intervening in crises. The RN works together with the technologist and radiologist to ensure positive outcomes for the patient. The RN identifies potential problems that sometimes result in delay or cancellation of a procedure.
Radiology nurses must be physically fit and prepared for the demands placed on them throughout the day. For example, radiology nurses spend most of their time walking, standing or wearing a ten-pound lead apron for certain procedures.
Radiology nursing is patient focused. RNs may spend a few moments each day with a patient, yet must maintain excellence-in-care throughout the imaging department.

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