Three-point college shot likely to move back a foot

Published 5:33 pm Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The college basketball three-point shot is expected to become a little bit harder if, as expected, the NCAA rules committees pushes it back one foot from its current distance of 19 feet, nine inches. The new rule is expected to go into effect starting with the 2008-09 season.
If the new distance is adopted by the NCAA, junior college basketball is expected to follow suit.
While the JDCC coach was not surprised the shot is expected to move back, he was surprised by the amount.
Gainer expects there to be a drop in the number of three-point shots made overall and possibly change the way his team plays.
The three-point distance for college women's basketball will remain at the current distance of 19 feet, nine inches. While it does not apply to the JDCC gymnasium since it does not have a women's team, Gainer said there could be some confusion with the new men's line.
Like the college women's game, the distance for high school three-pointers will remain at 19 feet nine inches.
Atkinson said the three-point
shot has changed the way the game is played since its inception back in 1986.
Gainer said he would like to see the high school distance increased.

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