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Published 5:27 pm Wednesday, May 9, 2007

By Staff
Conecuh landfill causes concern
The proposed garbage dump for Conecuh County means a lot to those of us who live nearby. I am writing this letter as a concerned citizen of Escambia County and as an Alabamian. I have read much about how nice this modern landfill will be - no odor, no trash along the road right of way, no degradation of real estate in the adjoining lands, etc.
As an Escambia County citizen I was opposed to the modern day landfill known as Timberlands. As I recall I heard the same promises about Escambia County's Timberlands as we are now hearing about the proposed landfill in Conecuh County. From my own personal experience I can say they are false promises. I pass Timberlands on a regular basis - you can smell the foul odor as you travel along Alabama 41, and you don't have to be that close to smell it. I can imagine what it is like to the dump's neighbors in the surrounding area. Also, I have seen the trash long the roads, especially from Timberlands to the interstate, and have also seen the contaminated mud from the landfill on the highway during rainy weather. Another major concern is the 1,400 loads of mercury-contaminated soil that was hauled into Timberlands. As I recall when they were debating the Timberlands landfill, hazardous waste wasn't supposed to be a concern to the citizens of Escambia County.
What is to keep the above-mentioned concerns in Escambia County from being a problem in Conecuh County?
I am aware that garbage is a problem that has to be dealt with; however, I am sure that there are alternative methods to dealing with this garbage problem without hauling it from all over the United States into Alabama. We do not need to become the dumping ground for the nation. Our land, streams, trees and wildlife are some of the nicest in the country. Let's don't trade that for a few dollars.
Please join me in helping our neighbors in Conecuh County to stop this group from taking our beautiful area for their personal gain. It is not we who will suffer the most but future generations.
George Ward
Brewton resident

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