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Published 5:55 pm Monday, May 14, 2007

By Staff
City should not ban golf carts
I am writing this letter in response to &#8220Our Opinion” (City right to ban golf carts on sidewalks) in last Sunday's paper. Everyone has a right to their opinion; now I will share mine.
I personally disagree with stopping the use of golf carts. I do not see a problem.
Seeing kids outside smiling sounds good to me. In our society, we are facing childhood obesity, and Alabama is among the highest states. There was a movie in the 1980s called &#8220Footloose.” The movie was about a town that wouldn't allow dancing. Sounds absurd; maybe the kids only went to the neighboring county and danced anyway.
We have a serious problem with drugs and alcohol in our town. Why? Surely it isn't because we don't have a theater, bowling alley, arcade or a skating rink.
We had rather have our kids inside watching television than outside visiting their friends on their golf carts. I ask those of you who made this decision, do you remember when Brewton had all of these things? Now we have a Ritz replica, a beautiful park and the YMCA, which is great.
Brewton, think back to when you grew up. When you are around children, you all might realize why places get vandalized and so many kids get in trouble. There is nothing for kids to do. Maybe, just maybe, it could be that everyone is so worried about their precious grass or the sidewalk. Maybe the bikers shouldn't use it either.
I ask that you ask yourself three things. Is it really that big of a deal? What about if we have another hurricane? It sure would be nice to see someone on a golf cart bringing you ice. Will this ordinance sound as stupid as the &#8220no motorboats on the streets of Brewton” ordinance? Lastly, when our children go off to college, will they bring their families back to a town so finicky?
I think Brewton is more geared to elderly people. Will it be one day that we don't need a new school because old people don't go to school?
Jane Ward
Brewton resident

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