Habitat group heads to Ohio

Published 6:16 pm Wednesday, May 16, 2007

By By Kerry Whipple Bean – publisher
A year ago, volunteers from several states descended on Brewton for a four-day Habitat for Humanity building blitz that resulted in two houses for two families.
This weekend, volunteers from Brewton will return the favor by heading to Ohio for a similar blitz.
The Rev. Alecia Glaize, director of the Brewton chapter of Habitat for Humanity, said this weekend's building will be led by Lynchburg, Va.'s Tom Gerdy, who also led the Brewton blitz.
Gerdy often uses the phrase &#8220pay it forward” to describe the concept of the blitz.
Nine Brewton area volunteers will be traveling to Wayne County, Ohio, for the blitz build, Glaize said. Those making the trip to Ohio from the Brewton area are Terrence and Becky Breckenridge, Bob and Evelyn Reynolds, Rusty Miller, Will and Molly Ruzic, Leza Nelson and Glaize.
Molly Ruzic said the success of last year's blitz - and the volunteers who gave their time - made it impossible for her to turn down the opportunity this year.
Glaize said this year's blitz is even more ambitious - two houses in two different towns in three days. The houses completed last year are right next door to each other in Brewton.
The trip comes as local Habitat volunteers are continuing to work on projects here in Brewton. Work has just been completed on the renovation of a house on Conoley Avenue, next to the houses built during last year's blitz, and the team will begin work on a new house this summer.
Glaize said Habitat is planning a mini-blitz with all local volunteers for July 27-29. The four-bedroom house will be located at the corner of Lovelace and Granbury, she said.
In the meantime, Habitat has selected three new families who are awaiting their turn to help build new houses.
And Habitat has also launched a new fundraising campaign called the Can Cottage. Residents can drop off their aluminum cans at the YMCA and other locations. Brewton Elementary School has also joined the campaign with a can challenge among classes.
With so much going on, Glaize wasn't sure she should ask local volunteers to help Gerdy with his blitz. But several people told her they couldn't miss the opportunity.