Plans include expansion, gate

Published 6:12 pm Wednesday, May 16, 2007

By By Lydia Grimes – features reporter
The dedication of Union Cemetery as a historical cemetery was an opportunity to expand on some future plans for the burial place of many of Brewton's citizens.
The Tree and Beautification Board is planning to install a wrought iron gate at the main entrance, which was erected in 1914 to the memory of T.R. Miller. The city also has plans to turn a poor drainage area of the cemetery into a holding pond surrounded by landscaping.
Additionally, one end of the cemetery, considered the &#8220new part” is being surveyed to add more plots. As of the present, plots are not plentiful, even though there are some still available. The addition of the new end of the cemetery will add new areas to be divided into plots.
The cemetery is at least 128 years old. The oldest tombstone is dated 1879, but there are perhaps others that are even older.
The cemetery is city-owned and city-maintained. The Brewton Tree and Beautification Board is in charge, with board member Dr. Bob Hayes taking on the responsibility of keeping it maintained. He, along with workers, J.B. Brazil, Michael Cosey and Clyde Hall, keep the cemetery in excellent condition.
Hayes said the cemetery, which covers more than 27 acres, has gone through many changes over the years. &#8220Most people may not even know that the cemetery is owned by the city,” he said. &#8220We also have rules that have to be followed which sometimes people either don't know or don't read. We don't allow flowers and trees to be planted without permission. We have to watch what is planted because the root system can cause damage to the graves or prohibit additional graves from being dug. We have planted 24 new trees to replace ones destroyed by Hurricane Ivan, and put down grass around the new trees.”

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