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Published 6:23 pm Wednesday, May 16, 2007

By Staff
Trading course for school is bad idea
Let me share a little love story with you. I hate golf, I hate golf, I hate golf, wow what a shot, I love golf, I love golf, I love golf.
Golf is a great source of relaxation as well as a great source of fellowship among friends and family. Dogwood Hills, the Brewton golf course, is enjoyed by residents and non-residents alike. Dogwood Hills has a park, tennis courts, a swimming pool for the children, a restaurant on site and a nine-hole golf course. This is one of the only businesses in town that offers clean, wholesome entertainment for the entire family.
On any given day there are people enjoying the opportunities Dogwood Hills has to offer. So I pose this question to the people of Brewton. Why sell any part of this property to build a school?  Let me make one thing clear, I am for our children and their education.
Our children deserve the best education that can be provided for them, but our children need other resources as well. Granted not all children play golf, but I have seen numerous fathers as well as myself playing golf with their children at Dogwood Hills. Dogwood Hills brings people from surrounding areas, and that gives our economy a boost as they spend their money in Brewton.
There has been talk of minimizing the course at Dogwood hills. I feel that a course other than a nine whole course would not continue to draw the people that love the game. What is the solution? Brewton definitely needs more recreation for our children and families to enjoy. I think the solution is an easy one, find a new location for the school.
With the growth in Brewton seemingly gravitating toward the Dogwood Hills area, I think it makes more sense to have a public golf course available for the people in that area rather than a middle school. I say build the best school that can be afforded to further educate our children, but leave the golf course where it is so our children and families can enjoy life when they are not in school. This town is big enough for both of them, and while our children need education they need clean wholesome places of entertainment as well. In closing, whether you love the game or hate it, I think it is safe to say that the city of Brewton needs to keep Dogwood Hills open for the enjoyment of our families.
Gregg Stone
Brewton resident