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Published 7:19 pm Wednesday, May 23, 2007

By Staff
Petition seeks to protect Dogwood Hills
Dogwood Hills, the Brewton Municipal Golf Course and City Park, is quietly under attack. Behind the scenes and in non-public meetings, the Brewton Board of Education and school Superintendent's office has been working to find a site for the proposed new middle school. It appears that they have selected Dogwood Hills as their primary location.
The Dogwood Hill's Men's Association firmly believes that Dogwood Hills is the wrong site. While we believe that the school board should build the best school system possible to educate our children, we believe they should leave Dogwood Hills alone so that our children and families can enjoy the recreational activities available at Dogwood Hills when they are not in school. In an effort to oppose the taking or selling of any or all the dogwood Hills to the city school board, we have generated a petition stating our opposition to these efforts.
This petition, which is shown below, will be presented to the mayor and the City Council once the city school board formally requests the city to sell any or all of Dogwood Hills to them. We invite all of the citizens of Brewton and the surrounding areas are interested in preserving Dogwood Hills as it is to come and join the over 1,400 people who have already signed our petition. Don't delay, come by Dogwood Hills Pro Shop and sign up today.
Lee Bain

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