Students will care for you one day

Published 8:39 pm Monday, June 4, 2007

By Staff
The call to action has been issued by educators across the county for a vote in favor of a tax renewal. I hope that the readers of The Brewton Standard understand the importance of this election.
After covering the topic for several weeks, I'm still amazed that there are people who don't quite understand how important the election is to the students in this county. It also amazes me that some people are still under the impression that this is a tax increase. Nothing could be further from the truth.
This tax that is up for a renewal is just that - a renewal. It's kind of like renewing your vows on your silver or golden wedding anniversary. You're not saying you want to add a new spouse to the family, you're simply saying you want to keep the one you have and would do it all over again if you had to make a choice.
I certainly want the children in this county; mine included, to have the best education possible. If that is going to become a reality, then we have to make sure there is money in the coffers to cover the costs of that education. Nothing in this life is free, but when it comes to education, the price we pay is very minimal.
Billy Hines told me in an interview this week that what we have to pay for the education of our children costs about what a coke and crackers costs - and we only have to pay that once a month. How many cokes and packs of crackers do you consume in a month's time? I'll bet that you spend more on soft drinks, coffee and snacks each month than you spend on education of elementary through high school students - I know I do.
Let's consider that your home is worth $75,000. That's a pretty fair figure for home values in the county and very conservative. If that were the case, your ad valorem taxes would amount to less than $2.50 a month. Two 20-ounce soft drinks would cost that much or more in some cases. I, for one, think that I'd be willing to give up a couple of soft drinks in order to educate your child and mine.
I have heard it said that some people who pay taxes don't have children in the school systems, either city or county, and feel that paying the tax shouldn't apply to them. One thing to consider if that is your take on the tax is that other people's children will certainly have an effect on your life.
Students in the system now will be the ones who change the oil in your car, file your taxes and adjust the oxygen level for you when you are lying in a hospital or nursing home bed. Wouldn't you prefer to have a well-educated person taking care of those things for you in the future? I certainly would.
No matter where you stand on the issue, I hope that you will exercise your right and privilege by casting a vote. It won't cost you anything to let your voice be heard, and it will determine the future of the education available to the children in this county.
Lisa Tindell is a news writer for The Brewton Standard. She can be reached at 867-4876 or by email at

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