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Published 8:41 pm Monday, June 4, 2007

By Staff
Dogwood Hills is welcoming view
Driving into Brewton from the north along Highway 31 we are greeted at and beyond the Brewton City limits by large billboards, some of which are in very bad state of repair. Not a very welcoming sight, making a poor first impression of Brewton at best. Then, we break out of those and are greeted by green, well manicured open spaces with lots of trees and people enjoying themselves.
Wow, what a wonderful facility especially for a small town like Brewton. Now that is a lasting impression for our visitors. Where is this place? It is one of my good neighbors - Dogwood Hills.
As I understand it our Board of Education and superintendent want to change that view entering Brewton. They want to replace the open green spaces of tees, fairways and greens with a new middle school. I've heard that they believe a highly visible school will impress visitors entering Brewton just like the new schools at Greenville and Andalusia. I can tell you I've seen the schools leading into those cities and I was not impressed. I, and those visiting my family, are and remain impressed by the views Dogwood Hills offers. Dogwood Hills draws visitors from around the state, from other states and even other countries to our fair city every week. A school can't match that. Dogwood Hills is a drawing card that Brewton should leave unchanged. Dogwood Hills is unique - a 70-year-old icon.
Further, why would the Brewton BOE even consider putting a school opposite a Super Wal-Mart? A Super Wal-Mart will, in its self, lead to increased congestion along Highway 31 at its entry and exit points. Now imagine putting a school opposite that facility. With all of the congestion we already have on Highway 31 at the beginning and end of each school day, can you imagine the added congestion we would have leading into town when a school shares an intersection with a Super Wal-Mart?
Let's hope the Brewton BOE and its superintendent come to their senses and find a better site elsewhere.
John Feagin
Brewton resident