County against landfill

Published 9:47 pm Wednesday, June 13, 2007

By By Lisa Tindell – news reporter
Wearing a &#8220No Dump” T-shirt, Repton Mayor Terri Carter made a plea for help to the Escambia County Commission Monday.
Commissioners responded by passing a resolution opposing a landfill up for consideration in neighboring Conecuh County. Some people have dubbed the proposed project the largest landfill in the United States.
Carter produced a map that shows the proposed area for the landfill and its close proximity to the Escambia River.
Carter said the landfill, which would include Conecuh, Monroe and Escambia counties in its service area, is not being proposed just to take care of the waste from this area.
Escambia County Commission Chairman David Stokes said Escambia County has revenue of $7,000 or so per year from the Timberlands Landfill since being opened in 1993, but the revenue is not what drove the county to accept the installation of the landfill. Timberlands is located on Alabama 41 just north of Brewton near the Conecuh County line. The location opened following the closing of other county-operated landfills on the west and east ends of the county.
Stokes said the Timberlands Landfill should meet the waste disposal needs of residents in Escambia and surrounding counties for at least 19 more years. He said he believes that fact is enough information to lead the Escambia County Commission to a decision to oppose the Conecuh Woods Landfill proposal.
Carter told commissioners other large landfills around the country have not had positive results, and she said she believes residents in the service area of the landfill may see similar consequences in the future if the landfill goes through to opening.
Clark said she understands what an impact the installation of this type of landfill could mean. With multi-billion dollar steel mill ThyssenKrupp planning to move into north Mobile County, economic officials are hoping spinoff industries will come into the region as well.
Larry White, commissioner for District 3, said he realizes the proposed Conecuh Woods landfill would have a serious impact on the entire region.
Escambia County commissioners passed a resolution voicing their opposition to the Conecuh Woods Landfill during Monday's meeting. In part, the resolution stated the commission &#8220feels strongly that all of Conecuh County's household waste needs are now being me through the Timberlands Landfill and prays that the Conecuh County Commission listen to the voice of the people of Conecuh County, and to their neighboring counties, and, in its wisdom, will oppose the opening of the Conecuh Woods Landfill.”
Carter will deliver a copy of the resolution to the Conecuh County Commission at its next regular meeting.