Diamond station switches to Chevron

Published 10:27 pm Monday, June 18, 2007

By By Adrienne McKenzie
Diamond Gasoline is enjoying a change in scenery at some of its locations.
The company's BP station at 1713 Douglas Ave. has made a switch to Chevron, along with several other Diamond stations in Escambia County.
The change is not due to a buyout but was made to create a diversity of gasoline for area citizens, said Roy White, vice president of Diamond Gasoline in Atmore.
White said for Diamond Gasoline to work with Chevron, the local company had to commit to purchase a certain amount of gasoline per year.
Other locations that have switched to Chevron include the Exxon station at 1421 South Main St. in Atmore; a BP station at 303 Howard St. in Atmore; and another location at the Perdido exit off Interstate 65.
Chevron gasoline has already been put in the tanks at the four locations.
The outside appearance is not completely final, however.
Also, the stations are also already taking Chevron credit cards.
White said Diamond Gasoline is also going to be building more Chevron stations in the area.
Chevron has recently debuted a new look and White said he believes he changed his stations at the perfect moment.

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