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Published 12:12 am Wednesday, June 27, 2007

By Staff
Volunteers showcase great spirit
A new Brewton ministry found itself the victim of a newly popular crime last week - the theft of copper wiring from a house under renovations thanks to donations of time, money and materials.
As if the crime was not bad enough, the fact that it came on the heels of hours of charity work on a modest Brewton home was enough to deter even the most dedicated volunteers to turn around and go home.
The theft is the sort of thing that makes you shake your head at society these days.
But the group volunteering with Brewton's chapter of Alabama Rural Ministries plans to keep pursuing their project, which is dedicated to putting a safe roof over the heads of a single mom and her two young daughters.
They are the kind of people who make us realize that for every bad apple, there are a whole lot of good ones left.
We hope that anyone who has any information about what happened at the Neal Street house will come forward to the police with information.
The theft of copper wiring, which is fetching high prices on the open market, is becoming tempting for too many people.
You'd like to think, if indeed the perpetrators can be caught, that a sentence of jail time followed by community service in the very types of charitable activities that the thief or thieves interrupted would help rehabilitate them. We can only hope.
In the meantime, we're proud to know that Alabama Rural Ministries and its volunteers are not giving up on their project.
They will continue to solicit money, materials and more time from folks willing to give a helping hand to a worthy cause.
We encourage anyone interested in giving time, talent or treasure to contact Alabama Rural Ministries.
They need some good news right about now.

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