Letters to the editor

Published 1:11 am Wednesday, July 4, 2007

By Staff
Senior golfer needs course to be kept
I'm one of the many senior citizens who play golf at the local Dogwood hills golf course.
It is common knowledge that the city school board wants to buy the city golf course to put a new school on it's hallowed grounds. Many of Brewton's esteemed citizens have played golf at Dogwood hills.
I understand that the course was built in the 1940's. Now that we have grown old and are losing our teeth, got gray headed or bald headed, walk slow and get up slower, they don't want us to have a place to play or meet.
Golf is the one sport that knows no age. It is played by folks half blind on walking sticks or able to leap buildings in a single bound -it is for anyone - especially the older crowd.
Go to any golf course and you will see that it is a senior citizens playground. I have seen retired people from Canada and Yankee land playing golf at Dogwood Hills during the winter months and they love the reasonably price layout.
To all you folks that are willing to spend our many years of paying taxes on some foolhardy escapade go find a better place to build your new school. We too need a playground and we are not willing to give it up.
Harvey Kingsland