Story by Lydia Grimes

Published 12:55 am Wednesday, July 4, 2007

By Staff
Ask children what the Fourth of July means to them and you get answers that range from total bewilderment to those who want so badly to say the right things.
Children here in Brewton are no different. Most of them see it as a day when they don't go to school or, in the case of some, the YMCA for day camp.
Whatever the reasons, most children don't have any idea of why the day is celebrated, but with a little reminder, they start to think and come up with their own answers.
Jalen Nettles is a typical kindergartener and she remembers one of her favorite things to do on the fourth.
Jordan Steele has even more distant plans. &#8220I am going to the mountains,” he said.
Third, fourth, fifth and sixth graders took a break at the Y to think about the reasons to celebrate the Fourth of July.
Breanna Woodcock is not exactly sure what independence means but she knows that we all celebrate something on that day. &#8220I think we celebrate our independence on that day,” she said, even though she couldn't explain what it means to be independent.
One of the teachers tried to help by explaining how America had to fight the British so that we could be free.
Ashley Fleming gets pretty excited about what the day will mean to her. &#8220We get to go see the fireworks,” she said.
Sierra Morris wants to spend her day with family. &#8220We will probably grill and cook outside,” she said.
Jasmine Culliver says her family will go visiting. &#8220We are going to Pensacola to see my grandma.”
Dylan Wells is looking forward to the holiday. &#8220I hope I will get to spend time with my dad,” he said.
As children get older, the more they have to say about the holiday and what it means to them.
Her fellow camp counselor, Jessica Freeman, agreed. &#8220Since everything that has happened to us, we should celebrate our freedom,” she said.
Brittany Watson said much the same. &#8220It's a day to remind all of us of our freedom,” she said. &#8220Our family will probably have a cookout.”

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