Sex offender returns to jail

Published 1:34 am Monday, July 9, 2007

By By Lisa Tindell- news reporter
An East Brewton man and registered sex offender is spending more time in jail after being arrested for probation violation last week.
Stephen Lee Hollis was charged with violation of probation last week and was sentenced to 30 days in jail for the violation.
Hall said one of the stipulations in Hollis' probation was that he not leave the state without written permission from the probation office.
Hall said Hollis' case was put before a judge and a modification of his probation was made.
Hall said the time Hollis spends in jail will depend on how quickly paperwork can be completed and the case turned over to a probation supervisor in Conecuh County.
Hollis, who was living at 113 Hart St. in East Brewton, is listed on the Alabama Department of Public Safety's Sexual Offenders List. However, the address shown for Hollis indicates he is incarcerated, which is true - now. The information on his posted registration does not indicate he ever lived at the Hart Street address.
Johnson said updates on existing information could be made in a short amount of time if notification from authorities is received in a timely manner.
Johnson said, however, there are some offenders who won't make it to the page shown on the site.
Johnson said juvenile offenders, offenders who are given youthful offender status by a court and offenders convicted on Indian reservations will not be posted on the site.
However, documents on those offenders are maintained by DPS.
Registered sexual offenders are required to report changes in addresses and employment when they occur, Hall said. Offenders are also required to have an updated photo added to their files every six months.
The 60-year-old Hollis was convicted of sexual abuse charges in 2002 for touching a girl under the age of 12 inappropriately.
A 10-year prison sentence was ordered at the close of the case with that sentence suspended. In lieu of prison time, Hollis was ordered to serve five years of supervised probation.