Youth to get taste of police work

Published 2:30 am Monday, July 16, 2007

By By Lisa Tindell- news reporter
The campus of Jefferson Davis Community College will see an increase of students this week as the seventh annual Youth Police Academy gets underway on Monday.
The Academy is a joint effort of the Brewton, Atmore and Flomaton Police Departments, the Escambia County Sheriff's office and Jefferson Davis Community College.
The weeklong class will be attended by 30 students who are interested in the field of law enforcement.
The activities for the group will include sessions ranging from the law enforcement code of ethics and making good decisions, to a session at the firing ranging in Atmore.
Students will also attend sessions that will expose them to traffic stop procedures as well as the use of K-9s in law enforcement.
While at the range, the recruits are taught firearms safety and have an opportunity to actually fire a weapon while receiving one-on-one instruction from a certified officer. This year the firing range trip is planned for the second day of our training.”
While at the Atmore site, recruits will get a work out on the physical agility course. 
As the week of activities continue, the recruits will be split into two groups. One group will travel to the YMCA in Brewton where they will spend the first half of the day learning defensive tactics, handcuffing techniques, and other arrest procedures. The second team will be stationed across from the YMCA location to learn about DUI enforcement and the effects alcohol can have on driving skills. Recruits will experience the effects through the use of fatal vision goggles while driving golf carts through a closed course.
The Department of Forensic Sciences will be on hand during the week as representatives present information and allow hands-on activities dealing with firearms, drugs, toxicology, and other aspects of DFS. Following the DFS session, local law enforcement officers will stage a crime scene and teach the recruits how to collect and document evidence.  Also on hand will be the E911 Director who will use scenarios to teach proper dispatch techniques.
On the final day of the session, Sanborn said the group would undergo a timed physical training test. A visit from the Escambia County, Fla., Sheriff's Office SWAT team will also be a part of the day's activities. 
Graduation ceremonies will be held at 6 p.m. on the campus of Jefferson Davis Community College where special awards and certificates will be presented.