Busy means growth in Brewton

Published 3:33 am Monday, July 23, 2007

By Staff
My goodness, things are surely busy in Brewton these days. I've noticed several changes over the past couple of weeks. Those changes got me to stop a minute and recall other changes that have occurred in our town over the past several months. All of the changes I can recall have certainly been for the betterment of this community.
Just in the downtown area, business locations are changing and growing and it's a little bit exciting even for me.
Just to remind you about what I'm talking about, I've compiled a list of changes, growth, expansion and generally good news.
Sandy English's real estate business is changing locations. She has done some remodeling to a building on Douglas Avenue just across from Brewton Elementary School. The building is bright and very cheery and will be a wonderful asset to the area.
Another change I've noticed is the move of Jus' Do from their downtown location to their new location on Douglas Avenue. The McGougin's renovated the building they're in and it is a beautiful building. The Hourglass has taken up residence in downtown Brewton in a beautiful old building that formerly housed Pensacola Mill Supply and other businesses. That move also found the addition of another business, Garden Images. It's nice to see the activity around the business at just about any time of the day, any day of the week. W.O.W. Restaurant has made a name for themselves as a great place to eat and to socialize. Most people simply refer to the restaurant as &#8220Wings”. With a beautiful interior and upbeat atmosphere, I've found that it's a great place to visit.
Julia's in downtown Brewton is also a refreshing place to gather for a lovely meal in a relaxed atmosphere. You can even get Sunday dinner there with all the trimmings you'd expect.
Shades of Gray has moved its location to co-habitat with Weaver's in downtown Brewton. Candy Smith's choices of items for women are stunning and unique.
Then there are things that have changed in the past year or so that have also been giving change a good name in Brewton.
Brandow's Milltown Bakery has also appeared in the downtown area offering a variety of sinfully wonderful pastries and breads. With one of my many weaknesses being bread of any kind, you can bet I love to get a whiff of their creations.
Heading up the road you'll find an interesting place called Curves. This women-only fitness center is designed to provide a variety of exercise and fitness options to women of all ages.
Kut ‘N Up is a beauty salon primarily owned by Ellie Hammac. When the business moved from its Douglas Avenue location to a new spot in the Douglas Square shopping center near Wal-Mart, it became a bustling, always busy spot in town.
In that same shopping center, some other changes have occurred. B.C. Moore's changed to Peebles with a new look and a new attitude for shoppers in Brewton. Food Fair changed to Southern Family Market, which saw the addition of a new store-brand line of foods attractive to budget-minded families.
It Is Written Bible and bookstore is in a wonderful location formerly occupied by the old The Carriage House. With a wonderful array of spiritual books, gospel music and a multitude of gift ideas, this memory-inspired business is a great addition to our community.
Peach Chevrolet took ownership of what used to be Grady Automotive at the north end of Douglas Avenue. With the Ford dealership already in the Peach family, this addition gives Brewton a familiar name to do car-dealing business with no matter what they want to drive.
As far as the future growth and change expected in Brewton, who's to say what will come our way. The ground for Walgreen's has already been broken with an estimated time of opening sometime in the spring of 2008. A Wal-Mart Supercenter won't be far behind in opening to Brewton customers. And when those two businesses get situated and are running smoothly, we can only imagine what business growth may follow.
There may be some other changes that have occurred over the past year or so that I may have failed to mention. I believe, however, that you can probably tell from the long list of changes I've mentioned that change is certainly happening in Brewton.
I also realize that a few businesses have closed in the area, but the growth far outweighs the reductions in business here.
I'm excited about the changes although I realize that growth may create some problems as far as traffic and increased activity in our town. However, I know from experience that the people of Brewton and East Brewton will rise to any adversity associated with those changes with grace and dignity. We may even throw a party.
Lisa Tindell is a news reporter for The Brewton Standard. She can be reached at 867-4876 or by email at lisa.tindell@brewtonstandard.com.

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