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Published 3:34 am Monday, July 23, 2007

By Staff
A clean city means a safer city
No doubt about it, Brewton is a beautiful community. We have clean streets, beautiful flower beds and a rich history reflected in the buildings downtown.
But a lot of work happens behind the scenes to make sure that our city stays clean and beautiful. The Brewton Public Works Department is on call pretty much 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
From the regular duties associated with watering plants and cutting grass, public works also makes sure that parks and streets are cleaned up after events such as the Blueberry Festival or the Blueberry Drop.
Keeping our city clean and blooming with flowers isn't just an issue of beautification. Studies have shown time and again that clean areas attract clean people - they are a deterrent to crime.
Not only that, clean, beautiful cities are an attraction for tourists and new industries. As different groups in our community work to renovate our downtown parks, the public works department will be a big part of maintaining those parks for our use and for the use of visitors to our community. Those visitors bring money into our community - and with a little luck, they can bring jobs, too.
In that respect, public works is helping to build our quality of life and can help build our economy.
These city employees work hard to make sure that our city runs smoothly, and they certainly deserve a pat on the
back. They work behind the scenes to make ensure that we always have a beautiful city.

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